Resonance Sessions

by Omnipresent

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We must say goodbye (at least for the foreseeable future). But before we go, we want to share with you some of what we spent our final months as a band working on.

Though we never finished our concept album, "Resonance", we believe the message of that record still shines through in these fragments of material we managed to salvage from our sessions during the summer of 2016.

Love your neighbor fearlessly. Fight tooth and nail for a world that joins together in peace rather than consume itself in conflict. Care for those who suffer. Do your part to raise up in this world a spirit of mercy, compassion and hope.

Thank you for nearly a decade of support. It's been fantastic.


released November 16, 2016

Daniel Graham - Bass, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Mellotron, Synthesizer
Brandon Whitley - Electric Guitar (Lead)
Jeff Matthews - Electric Guitar (Rhythm)
Kyle Barnes - Drums and Programming

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at Burden Studios in Lawrenceville, GA, by Drew Gareheim

Album art and all lyrics by Daniel Graham



all rights reserved


Omnipresent Winder, Georgia

Omnipresent is a progressive rock band from Winder, GA consisting of Daniel Graham (Bass, Vocals, Keys), Brandon Whitley (Guitars) and Kyle Barnes (Drums).

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Track Name: Parted
Find us without future,
Wrath is wreckage.
This we won’t admit to know.
Violent, clouded vision.
Flowing fire -
All that runs a droughted soul.

Stoke embers over coals
And burn away their breath…
Carried on blind vitriol,
We’ll follow this sickness unto death.

Sear away all semblance of a sight -
Lost into the bitter, freezing night.

“But if we break the storm line,
And if we scale the wall cloud,
Together all in one mind,
To beg for truth to ring out…”

Mars, with pounding thunder,
Pull me under.
Man-made lord almighty…
Fear I won’t own up to,
Make them fear too.
Might, make right my hateful pride...

Don’t let me know how many die.
Just burn away their breath,
We rub the ash into our eyes
And follow this sickness unto death.

Sear away all semblance of a sight -
Lost into the bitter, freezing night.

“But if we see the branches,
That twine to meet the sunlight,
And know our Maker’s Spirit,
And only wish to find sight.
And if we call the question,
And listen open-hearted
We’ll hear the true direction,
And peace unites the parted.”

Infidel and stranger -
A deadly danger.
With me kill or killed, be.
Rip this world to pieces,
Rule supreme
In darkness, all that’s left to reign.

No one left to blame.
No one left for breath.
Nothing left to claim.
Death sought unto death.

Seared away all semblance of a sight -
Lost into the bitter, freezing night.

“But if we rise in Mercy,
And if we hear the music.
If we hold Forgiveness
And never come to lose it…
Sons we stand, and seeking,
We’ll hear the Living Water
And the Spirit ever speaking,
Leads us homeward to Our Father…"
Track Name: Goliath's Tower [Studio Outtake]
The flames of war are in these eyes,
And looking here, there’s no disguise.
Reprise the role and take the toll
Of damage on the bitter whole;
Souls run red through eyes of grey
Venom falls from lips that feign to pray.
Relay: “dead heart, you’ve met your hour.
You’re standing on Goliath’s Tower.”

And on this day, there’s no disguise,
Admitting no refusals, lies.
“Reply.” A word escapes your grip.
Out of your soul, your secret’s ripped.
You trip over shackles hatred forged,
Running to the wrath you’ve stored.
For there’s no hiding in the hour
When God looks on Goliath’s Tower.

Wake to lightning,
Fortress falling.
Tremble this day –
Dies Irae